3.13 How to do a video call and sign in to Google Meet?

Paysera's client video call identification is performed via the Google Meet video communication service.
In order to make a video call, please contact Paysera Customer Service by phone. During the call, a consultant will email you a link to the Google Meet call.

When a client joins a video call via the Google Meet link sent to them – identification is performed instantly.

A video call via Google Meet can be performed using:
A computer – the link to the video call can be opened as usual, simply through the browser you normally use.
Your phone – you must download the Google Meet app before the call.

After clicking on the Google Meet link in the email, click on the "Ask to Join" button – you will be redirected to a video call with a consultant, and you will be able to complete the phone call.

Please be informed that:
- The owner of the account must be alone during the video call;
- During the video call, the owner of the account must show the document that has been verified in the Paysera system;
- The quality of the camera, microphone, and internet connection must meet the requirements of optimal quality standards;
- The client must consent to the recording of the video and the collection and processing of personal data for the purposes and under the terms of the Paysera Privacy Policy: https://www.paysera.com/v2/en-GB/legal/privacy-policy.

Please note that if the client does not agree to the recording of the video, the call cannot be performed.