Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.04. What is the type of Paysera Visa card: debit or credit?

Paysera Visa payment card is a debit card.

When issuing a Paysera card, an additional IBAN account dedicated only for payments with a card is opened for you. It is separated from the main Paysera current account to make the control of your funds more convenient and to securely keep the amount of money dedicated only for payments with a card. 

Paysera Visa card may be used for settlement only by depositing money on its account in advance, and therefore before performing transfers or paying with a card, make sure that the balance on the payment card account is sufficient. You will be able to use as much funds as there are on the account. It does not have a credit limit. 

Where you can use Paysera Visa card? More information is provided here.