Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.05. Where will I be able to use my Paysera Visa card?

Paysera Visa payment card can be used across the world where Visa cards are accepted.

This card can be used for paying for goods and services online, at different physical points of sale, by phone and for withdrawal of cash from ATMs. The main currency of the card is euro, but you can pay in any other currency.

Paysera Visa card is contactless: when paying small amounts in physical points of sale who have NFC card readers, a PIN code is no longer required it is sufficient to place the card to the reader. The card is protected with 3-D Secure 2.0 technology ensuring a more secure settlement online. 

Paysera payment card may also be linked to Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well as to such systems as PayPal. Once the card is linked to PayPal, it is possible to pay via this system or transfer money from it to a Visa card.

How to link the Paysera Visa card to PayPal? Learn more about it in this video: