23.13 How to get started?

 I. In order to sign up for the delivery service, you will need to have a Paysera account and payment collection project. 

More information on how to open a Paysera account can be found here.

More information on how to create the payment collection project can be found here.

 II. To activate the service, in your Paysera account select Settings > Profile settings > Service management. Please read through the agreement and general information before activating the delivery service. 

Note: After the service has been activated, you will find a new option, Delivery, in the menu on the left side.

 III. You can sign up for the delivery service for those payment collection projects you want your parcels to be assigned for by logging in to your Paysera account and selecting Delivery > Settings. 

IV. After activating the delivery service you will have some additional information to fill in:

Address enter the required contact information and delivery pickup address.

List of couriers - choose your preferred courier companies.

Delivery types - choose your preferred delivery types.

Default parcel size and weight you can choose the average parcel weight and size. If the product dimensions are not specified in the e-shop, the system will automatically select the pre-determined package size. 

V. Complete the integration into your e-shop and set the delivery fees for your deliveries.  

You can complete the integration by: 

  • Using our plugin. The WooCommerce plugin is currently ready to use and the list will be updated shortly. 
  • Using API documentation.

Note: If you specify your product measurements and weight in your e-shop, the system will then automatically calculate the correct parcel size and delivery fees.

VI. Send your products to your customers with ease.

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How to get started?