12.01. How to create a payment collection project?

How to create a Project?

1. Log in to your account. In the upper-right corner, click on the cogwheel and select Service management > Enable/Disable, then choose Online payment collection via e-banking and other systems and click on Order;

2. In the left menu, select Payment gateway > Manage projects and click on Add new project;

3. In the opened window, provide all the necessary information to create a project. This information may be edited later, if needed.

4. Please submit your project for review only when your website is absolutely ready to use, the payment platform is integrated into your system and test payments have been carried out. We will review your project within one day after its submission.


After creating a project, you will be provided with the data for technical integration of the payment platform:

  • in the left menu, click on Payment gateway > Manage projects to see your project ID (project number/projectid);

  • in Payment gateway > Manage projects, select Project settings, then General project information to see the code which is required to confirm your website ownership;

  • in Payment gateway > Manage projects, select Project settings>General project settings to see your project password.



Use these guidelines to create a project.