10.04. How to create an event in Paysera Tickets?

Creating an event in the Paysera Tickets system is simple and easy. Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service, click on New Event, enter the event data, and your event is on air.

How to log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service?

1.Go to tickets.paysera.com/en/ and click on Create Event.

2. Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service using your Paysera account login data. If you don't have a Paysera account, you will need to sign up.

Event creation

After logging in to the Paysera Tickets self-service, click on New Event and fill in the required data.

Step 1: Event information

Event name and place

Enter the name of the event and indicate the address where the event is going to take place. Start entering the address and choose the exact address from the list.

Note: If Google fails to recognize or find your event, choose Enter address manually. Enter the address and indicate the place on the map.

Note: Is your event going to be online? Select Online event and enter the link. 

Event Date

Choose the start and end day of the event.

Note: In case you need extra date settings, click on More date settings.

Event Description

Sell your event! Add an attractive description to your event and include information that might be important to your client, e.g. refund terms and conditions, etc.

Organizer information

Choose the organizer from the list or add a new one.

Enter the organizer data. This information will be visible to your clients on the event web-page.

Step 2: Tickets

Currency and ticket types

Choose the currency and add a ticket type: Paid ticket or Free ticket.

Name, price and amount of tickets

Enter the name, price and amount of tickets to the event.

Note: If you choose a Free ticket, the ticket price will be automatically set at 0.00 Eur and you won't be able to change it.

Extra settings

Detailed description of the ticket

Enter a detailed description of the ticket to your event. The description will be visible at the point of selecting tickets.

Ticket availability period

Ticket availability - a period of time then the ticket is available to purchase on the event webpage. The ticket is not available and cannot be visible until the availability start date and after the availability end date.

Note: if you leave the availability start and end fields empty, the ticket will be on sale from the day of its creation in the system.

Advise: If you want to sell the first tickets at a lower price, create a ticket type and set its availability period.

Minimum and maximum amount of tickets

Choose the minimum and maximum amount of tickets that can be purchased by a client.

Note: the maximum amount of tickets for one client is 10.

Ticket type visibility

Choose visibility of a ticket type:

  • Visible to everyone - the ticket will be visible to everyone.
  • Visible only to owner/administrator - only an author/ organizer of the event will see the ticket at the point of selecting tickets.

  • Disabled - the ticket will be disabled and will not be visible neither to the organizer, nor to a buyer.

Price display in "Tickets from" part

Choose whether you would like to display the price in the Tickets from part. The price will not be displayed on the event web-page, even if it is the lowest price.

Step 3: Event settings (for paid tickets)

If your event is paid, enter the project ID and the project sign. The payment collection ID and the sign are required in order for us to identify and associate your event to the account to which money from the sold tickets will be transferred.

Guidelines on how to create a payment collection project for a Paysera Tickets service are given here:

How to create a payment collection project for a Paysera Tickets service?

Project ID ir Project sign

Where to find the Project ID and the Project sign?

1.Log in to your Paysera account. In the left menu, select Payment gateway > Manage projects.

2.Copy the project ID and generated symbols of the project sign/ password and enter the to the relevant fields in the Event settings section.

Countries whose payment methods will be displayed

After you enter the project id and the project sign, you will be able to choose the countries whose payment methods will be displayed to clients.

Event visibility

Choose the event visibility:

  • Public - the event will be visible to all visitors of the Paysera Tickets website.
  • Private - the event will only be visible to users who have a link to the page.

Step 4: Event image

Step 5: Save the event