10.04. How to create an event in Paysera Tickets?

Creating an event in the Paysera Tickets system is simple and easy. Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service, click on Create Event, enter the event data, and your event is on air.

How to log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service

1.Go to tickets.paysera.com/en and click on Create event.

2. Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service. You can log in by using your Paysera account, Facebook or Goggle account.

Please note that, if you plan to create a paid event, you will still have to create a Paysera payment collection project. If you choose to create a login with Facebook or Google, you will only be able to create free events. 


Event creation

After logging in to the Paysera Tickets self-service, click on CREATE EVENT and fill in the required data of the event.

Step 1Event information

Event name, country and location

Enter the name, country of the event and indicate the location of the event. Start entering the address and choose the exact address from the list.

Note: If Google fails to recognize or find your event, choose Manually selected. Enter the address and indicate the location on the map.

Note: Is your event going to be online? Select  Online event and enter the link. 

Note: Indicate the country where the event will take place. The even will be visible to the visitors form that country. 

Note: To enter data in another language (e.g., event name in English), click on the flag at the relevant field, select the language and enter the text in the required language. 

Note: If you do not know how to complete the fields, click on the question mark in the top right side corner.


Event date

Choose the start and the end date of the event.

Note: In case you need extra date settings, select More date settings.

By selecting More date settings, you will be able to control which date fields should be visible to the buyer, and you will be able to enter Alternative date, e.g. “Event takes place every Saturday from 7 PM”.


Event description

Sell your event! Add an attractive description to your event and include information that might be important to your client, e.g. refund terms and conditions, etc.

Organizer information

Choose the organizer from the list or add a new one.

Enter the organizer data. This information will be visible to your clients on the event web-page.


Select event category from the list.


Select the country currency from the list.

Event visibility

Select if your event is public or private:

  • Public – the event will be visible through search, it may also be visible on the homepage.
  • Private – the event will be visible only if the link to the event is provided

Event image

Upload the event image and then use the tool to adjust the image.

Step 2: Event tickets

Tickets and prices

Select TICKETS from the menu bar and you will be able to edit the tickets and their prices.

Name, count and price of tickets

Enter the name, count and price of tickets.

Note: For a free ticket, you may enter a price of 0 (zero) or click the FREE button.
Note: To have an unlimited number of tickets, click the SET UNLIMITED button next to the ticket count.

Note: To have multiple prices, select More price settings and click Add price.

Note: To add a new ticket, click the Add paid ticket or Add free ticket button.

Changing ticket order and price settings

You can change the order of tickets by clicking on the ellipsis “...” on the list of tickets, you can move tickets up/down in the menu that appears.
In advanced price settings, you can change the following:

  • Price description
  • Valid from, Valid until. You can create multiple fares on different dates to change your ticket price as the event approaches.
  • Price visibility:
    • Public – the price will be visible to all buyers
    • Only to cashier/admin – the price will be visible to you if you are logged in to the self-service as well as other cashiers.
  • Ignore in list – the price will not be included in the lowest price calculation by displaying the “price from” amount on the event page.
  • Default price – this price will be marked immediately on the price list.

Step 3: Event settings (for paid events)

If your event is paid, enter the Project ID of payment collection and the Project sign. The payment collection ID and the sign are required in order for us to identify and link your event to the account to which money from the sold tickets will be transferred.

Guidelines on how to create a payment collection project for a Paysera Tickets service are given here:

How to create a payment collection project for a Paysera Tickets service?


Project ID and Project sign

Where to find the Project ID and the Project sign?

  1. Log in to your Paysera account. In the left menu, select Projects and Activities > My Projects.
  2. Save Project ID (image point 2)
  3. Select General project settings 
  4. Save Project password (image point 4)

Copy the project ID and generated characters of the project sign/password and enter them in the relevant fields in the Project ID and Project Sign.

Step 4: Save the event

After making the required changes, click the button “Save” at the bottom on the right side. After saving the event, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  • Return to the list of events
  • View the event
  • Move to the next step