Knowledgebase: 1. Account opening
1.05. Account closure. Paysera account deletion.

ACCOUNT CLOSURE (for privat person and for companies)

You can close an account in your personal Paysera account.

In the left menu, select Settings > Account settings. In the opened window select the account you want to close and click on Close the account.

Your account will be closed and will not be visible in the general window next to all the other accounts. If needed, you will be able to reopen the account in the same section Settings > Account settings, by clicking on Open an account.



We would like to recommend you to close only a personal account in the system, so you can activate it and use the services later, if needed. The account closure instructions are given above. 

In case you still wish to delete your Paysera account, the following actions should be performed:

  1. if you have an active VISA card, please terminate the VISA card agreement. In order to cancel your Paysera VISA card, log in to your account, select PAYMENT CARDS > Paysera VISA, choose the card you want to cancel, then click on Temporarily block/ Cancellation and select Block permanently. When the card is cancelled, the card service agreement is terminated and the card becomes invalid. Card cancellation is free of charge..
  2. if there are arrears on your card, you must first cover the insufficient amount on the account and then contact us. You can find the account replenishment instructions in your account by clicking on ACCOUNT INFORMATION > Add funds. Choose the country and the currency, and account replenishment instructions will be generated for you. More information on the indebtedness - where to view in the account and the reasons for the indebtedness - can be found here.
  3. if there is money left on your account, please transfer the remaining amount to your bank account, so we can close your Paysera account. OR, if you wish, we can deduct the funds as an account closure fee, but you have to inform us about such wish in writing. In case you are a non-identified client and you can't transfer the funds yourself, please indicate your bank account details in your letter to us, so we are able to transfer the funds to your bank account and close your Paysera account.

Bank account details must include:

  • Beneficiary name and surname
  • Beneficiary address
  • Beneficiary bank account number
  • SWIFT/ BIC code
  • Beneficiary bank address

  4. After you perform these actions, please send us a request to delete your Paysera account by an email to The request must be sent from the email address that has been confirmed in the Paysera system.