8.01 Currency exchange rates

With Paysera, you can exchange money to and from almost 30 currencies.
The most popular ones are EUR, GBP, USD, RON, BGN and PLN. But we also support rarer currencies like JPY (Japanese Yen), HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), INR (Indian Rupee), and even XAU (Gold) – which is not exactly a currency but buying it works just like exchanging regular money.

The best way to exchange currency with Paysera is to use our mobile app, which is free, convenient, and easy to use.
1. Open the Paysera mobile app.
2. Tap on Transfers.
3. Choose – Currency Exchange.
4. Enter the currency and the amount you want to sell or buy, and slide to confirm.

Paysera provides you with multi-currency accounts, so you can see all of your currencies in one place – the Paysera mobile app.

To see currency rates applied to business clients, please log in to your business account.

Currency exchange rates are available here.

Note: the currency calculator below shows rates applied to private Paysera clients exchanging currency on their accounts.