2.08 Can a transfer be authorised by two persons?

Yes, a transfer can be authorised by two persons.

First of all, the head of a company needs to provide the rights to another person(s) who will be able to authorise transfers.

  • Log in to the company’s account, select Settings > Limits, Rights, Permissions, then click on Rights and transfer limits;

  • If one of these two persons is the head themself, then click on "Change limits" next to the contact details of the head, or

  • if you want to add new persons, select Create new permission;

  • In the User ID or Login name field, enter the Paysera User-IDs of the new person(s) and click on Add;

  • Scroll down. In the Authorisation right type field, you will be able to choose Type A or Type B. Descriptions of the types can be found in your account.

  • After performing these actions, click on Save.

When one authorised person forms a transfer, the other authorised person will be able to see it on the company’s account at Transfers > List of Transfers - the transfer will be unauthorised. This transfer will be executed only when signed.