2.07 The head of the company has changed. What should we do?

If the head of the company has changed and you want to appoint another person in the Paysera account, first of all, the new head of the company should open a personal Paysera account and perform identification. The description of how to open an account and perform identification is provided in FAQ section 1.01 Account opening. After successful identification, the new head must be assigned the company’s account by following the instructions on: How to open a corporate (business) account?

If you want to open a business account through a web browser
1. Log in via a web browser, in the top right, click on your unique account number and choose Business account;
2. Select the registration country, enter your company number/code, and click on Check. The account will be opened for your company. If you do not see the company's registration country in the list, select Other country and submit the requested documents.

You can also submit all the documents via the Paysera mobile app
1. Tap on the settings icon in the top left corner, then select Business accounts > Open a business account. There you will see the rates for a business account based on the company's activity and country of registration. Familiarise yourself and tap I understand;
2. Select the country of company registration, enter the company code, agree to the terms and rates, and tap Open business account. An account will be opened for your company.

We usually check the submitted documents and open an account for the company within one working day.