23.14 How can I sign up for the Paysera delivery service?

When using the delivery service in your e-shop, the delivery will be created automatically and the merchant will only need to confirm the order in the Paysera system. 

You can also order your delivery manually if you do not use an e-shop and deliveries are not being created automatically.

How to manually create a delivery order? 

  1. Go to the section Delivery > Deliveries and select Create new order;
  2. Select the project you want to assign the order to;
  3. Choose the correct parcel dimensions;
  4. Choose your prefered delivery type;
  5. When the delivery type has been specified, the system will allow you to select your preferred courier.   
  6. Fill in the required information about the sender and the recipient. 

Note: You can find previously saved sender and recipient information in the Contact search section. This makes the whole process even faster because the fields will be filled in automatically. 

  7. When you enter the required information you will be able to see the expected delivery fee. If everything is correct, select Save

  8. You can find all your saved deliveries in the section Delivery > Deliveries. You will be able to review your order once again before confirming.

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