20.04 What are the possible incorporation documents?

Possible incorporation documents are the following:

  • Deed of incorporation – when there is only one founder;
  • Memorandum of association – when there is more than one founder;
  • Power of attorney – If the opening of the account is not requested by the founder himself, but by his representative, or the founding act / agreement does not mention who the founder is. In this case, the power of attorney must be signed by e-signature;
  • Articles of association. This document provides for the company's business objectives, authorized capital, number of shares and granted rights, management bodies, etc.;
  • Protocol of the founding shareholders' meeting, where the members of the management (board or manager) are approved and the articles of association are approved. It is not necessary to conclude a protocol in cases when the members of the company's management bodies are specified in the memorandum of association (or deed of incorporation);
  • A certain extract from the Register Office (such a document is provided for the opening of companies to be established in Sweden).

Please note, that It is crucial for the document to specify the founder or their authorized representative.