Zyro is a platform based on Ecwid and, as such, these instructions may also be referred to - https://support.ecwid.com/hc/en-us/articles/207099949-Paysera


Enabling Paysera payments

Login to your Zyro account and open the Sites management page. A list of your websites will be brought up.

Hover over the website you wish to enable Paysera for and click "Settings". Once you are redirected to the website settings page, on the left menu, select "Online store". On the right side of the screen, the "Manage store" button will appear. Click the button and you will be redirected to the store configuration page.

From the menu on the left, under "Configuration", click "Payment". You will be presented with various payment options. Scroll down until the option "More options to accept online payments in Lithuania" appears. With the "Choose Payment Method" dropdown, select "Paysera payment".

(if "Paysera payment" does not appear under "More options to accept online payments in ...", Paysera may not be available in that country. Make sure the store's address is set correctly under "Settings" > "Store profile" > scroll down to "Company address" and set the correct country)

The Paysera setup window will open. Enter your Project ID and Password in the provided fields. Under "Additional settings" (just below the Password field), the option to enable test payments is present.

Verifying website ownership

Website ownership code can be placed in the website's <head> tags by opening your website's settings (as outlined in the "Enabling Paysera payments" step) and choosing "Integrations" on the left side of the window. The ownership <meta> code, found in your Paysera account under "Projects and activities" > "My projects", can be copied into the "Custom code" input field.

After the code has been placed, click "Save changes" and then verify the ownership through your project settings at your Paysera account by clicking "Check". Please note that it may take a minute or two after placement for the code to be recognized. If the first attempt fails, please try again after a short period of time.


Additional information:

* Please place the Paysera logo in a prominent place of your website, such as the footer. The Paysera logo can be downloaded in various formats from HERE.

* Add additional host to your Paysera project URL list, which is used by zyro.com system: https://paysera.ecwid-labs.com