Installation guide:

Login to your MerchantPro admin panel and select Settings (bottom left) -> Applications.

Click on the “All applications” tab and scroll down to locate the Paysera payment method.

Click on the “Install” button to initialize the installation.

The integration process will lead to a screen to insert Project ID, Project password, and Site verification code. Refer to your Paysera account to locate and copy your project’s ID, password, and verification code. Insert them into the corresponding fields during app installation on MerchantPro.

Select the preferences associated with this payment method - countries availability, customer groups, categories, products, and order value.

Slide the corresponding slider at the bottom of the page to enable demo mode payments while the project payment settings on the Paysera account are in test mode.

During developer mode, the Paysera payment method on the shop can be available for certain IP addresses only according to your preferences. Simply insert the IP addresses this payment method should be visible at the bottom of the installation page.

After installation verification code automatically appears in the shop’s source code to be further verified by Paysera.

After disabling demo mode the Paysera logo will appear at the shop’s footer, informing store visitors that they can pay through Paysera.


Additional information:

Please place the Paysera logo in a prominent place of your website, such as the footer. The Paysera logo can be downloaded in various formats from HERE.