11.03. For which services the bonus will be paid?

Due to technical issues, the affiliate programme has been temporarily disabled. Those who are already earning money from their invited users will not be affected, but no new clients can be added using referral links since 18 May, 2020.


The bonus is paid for the payment collection service and the currency conversion service

The bonus for profit gained from the clients is paid on the 10th day of a subsequent calendar month. The bonus is only paid out provided at least 3 clients have been profitable (carried out revenue-generating activities). A 10% bonus is paid to you for the profit from the payment collection service according to the commission fee set out in Table 2 and for currency conversion after deducting the direct conversion costs. 

The end term of the bonus payments is not set, however, the bonus is calculated only if you have logged in to your account at least once during the last month until the 10th day of the current month. A commission for the period of time older than 3 months is not calculated.