10.12. How to create a discount code?

1. Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service.

2. Choose the event you want to create a discount code for and select Edit.

3. Select DISCOUNTS, then click on CREATE DISCOUNT.

  4. In the discount code creation window enter:

  • Discount title – it can be printed on the ticket.
  • Ticket count – how many times this discount can be applied.
  • Discount value and the type of value.
    • Percent Discount – the specified percentage will be applied.
    • Fixed Discount – a fixed discount amount will be applied.
  • Discount codes – create a new discount code by clicking “Add a discount code”. This is the value that the buyer will have to enter in order to receive the discount.
  • You can also choose whether the discount rate applies to all codes or is individual for every code.

If you have a large amount of discount codes, you can import them in the CSV format. Click on the upload button and select the file. Discount codes in the CSV file must be separated by a comma. 

5. In the opened window, enter the discount codes or export them in .csv format. (Before saving in .csv format, make sure each code is in a separate tab). Enter the amount of tickets the discount code will be applied to (the amount is valid for each code separately). Enter the discount amount by a sum or percentage. Enter the validity scope and click on Create.

6. How created discount codes look like, you can see here: