10.09. Paysera Tickets ticket checking guidelines.

Log in

Log in to the Paysera Tickets self-service. You can log in via Paysera  or by any other means available to you.

Go to the event self-service

Go to the event review, find the necessary event and click on Manage.

Download the Paysera Tickets mobile application

Select Ticket checking on the left menu and download the Paysera Tickets mobile application from Google Play or AppStore.

Click the button “add” to open the usher’s form. Enter the usher’s name. You may choose the text to be displayed in the usher’s Paysera Tickets mobile app when the ticket has already been used and when the ticket has not been used. If these fields are not changed, a standard text is used. The usher form allows editing the usher’s entry and seeing how many tickets have been checked. An unlimited number of ushers can be created for an event


Synchronize an event with a device

Open the Paysera Tickets application, click on Add Event and scan the event QR code which is available in the usher’s form by clicking the button “link”. Wait until the tickets are uploaded and Synchronized or Synchronizing: 100% appears on the screen. The tickets to an event are uploaded and can be scanned.

Note: When uploading and scanning tickets, the Internet connection on your mobile device must be on.

Ticket scanning

Turn the Paysera Tickets mobile application on, click on Scan Tickets and scan the ticket’s QR code.

Ticket validity

After you have scanned a ticket's QR code, you will be able to see whether it is valid.


  1. When synchronizing tickets to an event with your device or scanning/ checking tickets, you have to make sure that the Internet connection on the device is on.
  2. The Paysera Tickets mobile application must be installed on all devices which will be used for checking tickets.
  3. Link an event to all devices which will be used or checking the tickets.

Ticket checking and manual marking

Log in to the event self-service and select Reports > Tickets, then find the ticket and mark it.