9.31 I did not make a payment, but it was debited from my account. What should I do?

If you do not recognise a payment made with your Visa payment card, or if you are worried that your card details may have been disclosed to a third party (e.g. you have made a payment at a suspicious e-shop), please follow the guidelines provided below.

· First temporarily blocked your Visa card as a precautionary measure. You can block your card in the Cards section of the Paysera app (or contact us). No payments can be made in physical or online stores with a blocked card. If you have opted for temporarily blocking your card and are sure that your card data is secure, you can unblock it later and continue using it as you did before.

· Contact the seller in writing. Explain the situation and ask for a refund.

· If the seller does not agree to reimburse the funds (or does not reply within 14 days), please contact Paysera by email or call to initiate a Chargeback investigation.  In case of (a) disputed transaction(s), we will permanently block your existing card and issue a new payment card. Once the decision to refund has been made, the card issuer, Finansinės paslaugos “Contis”, UAB, will initiate a chargeback in the Visa system. In practice, this can take up to 60 days, so we suggest you contact the seller first.

· Contact the police regarding fraudulent payments made with your card.

· Make sure the software on your phone, computer, and tablet that you use to sign in to your account is legal and up-to-date, and that your antivirus software is up-to-date.

· The Paysera account is separate from the card account, so you can easily manage your card balance through the app and keep a safe amount of money on your card to spend on purchases in the future.

· For a quick response, turn on notifications about transactions on your accounts. You can sign up for notifications in the app or online banking.

· Use your card only on reliable websites.