9.08 How to activate the Visa payment card?

Having received a new Visa payment card, you must sign the signature strip on the back of the card, after that, you can activate the card.

Your card must be activated within 3 months of its date of manufacture or it will be automatically blocked. You can activate your card by logging in to your Paysera account through the browser or Paysera mobile app.

How to activate the card on the website?
1. Log in to your Paysera account;
2. In the menu on the left, select Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards;
3. Click on Activate card;
4. Enter the CVV2 code (the 3 digit code on the back of the card).

The card will be activated and you can always check your Visa card PIN code in your Paysera account. Here's how:
1. Navigate to Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards;
2. Click on your Visa card number and select Get PIN.

If you're using the Paysera mobile app, just tap Cards > PIN code.

How to activate a card in the Paysera app? This video shows the activation process: