9.36 Indebtedness for Visa card commission fees

In case you have any indebtedness on your Visa card account, you can cover it by topping up.

How to check and cover the debt:

Via web: check the indebtedness on your account by clicking on Accounts and Cards > Account Overview. The indebted amount will be displayed with a minus sign next to it. Click on the amount in order to view the reasons for the indebtedness.

Information regarding the top-up of the Visa payment card account can be found in the section Accounts and Cards > Account Top-Up of your account. You can also top up your Visa payment card account with a standard transfer from your bank account (only in EUR currency). In this case, the IBAN number of your Paysera account must be indicated when performing the transfer.

Via app: you will find the top-up options at the bottom of the main window, by tapping on the Top Up icon.

IF YOUR ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED, and you have received a message that you have an indebtedness

You can add funds to your account by a standard (non-urgent) transfer from your bank in a SEPA country. Funds can be added only in EUR. The crediting fee for a SEPA transfer is 0,00 EUR. Funds are credited 5 times a day, only on business days.

Recipient: Paysera LT, UAB
Recipient account: LT343500010001000364
Bank name: Paysera LT, UAB
Bank code: 35000
Bank address: Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius, LT-04352, Lithuania

Make sure to indicate “for debt of Name Surname/personal code” in the Purpose field. Having covered the indebtedness, inform us about it by sending an email to debts@paysera.com.

In case you want to cover an indebtedness in another currency or from a bank of another country, provide us with the information on which currency and from which country you would like to pay, and we will send you all the necessary details. You can contact us by sending an email to debts@paysera.com