Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.15. What limits apply to the Paysera Visa card?

The maximum daily limit of transactions applicable to Paysera Visa payment card is EUR 10,000.

For withdrawal of cash at ATMs, a separate maximum daily limit of EUR 600 is applied. This limit can be increased at the request of the client up to 1200 EUR or 2000 EUR (there are additional conditions).

If you think that the EUR 10,000 limit is too high for you and you would like to reduce it, you may do this by logging in to your Paysera account and on the left hand side selecting Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards > click on the card number > Account Limits.

Set the maximum daily limit for online payments, payments at stores, cash withdrawal at ATMs. If more than one card is linked to the account, this limit is common to all cards.