Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.14. Where can I withdraw cash with the Paysera Visa card?

With the Paysera Visa payment card, you can withdraw cash at any ATM across the world which accepts Visa cards.

The largest amount which can be withdrawn per day is EUR 600. If you have additional cards, this amount is applicable to all cards.

Specific fees apply when withdrawing cash at ATMs. The amount of the fee depends on the country and the currency in which cash is withdrawn. Paysera card fees are provided here.

Please be careful when withdrawing money in euro at ATMs. In rare cases, ATMs of some banks may offer EUR conversion from GBP currency (according to the card issuer’s country). Always select “Continue without conversion” and avoid high commission fees for currency exchange. Otherwise, additional fees for currency exchange will apply.

 It is not possible to withdraw cash from the Paysera Visa payment card at bank branches.

*EU - European Union countries.