Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.13. Where Paysera Visa card may not work?

Paysera Visa card may be used and paid with across the world where Visa type cards are accepted. You may pay with the card online and in physical points of sale, and also withdraw cash at any ATMs which services Visa cards. The card may also be linked with other systems such as, for example, PayPal. 

We put all our effort to ensure smooth operation of the card, but in very rare cases, the operation of the card may be interrupted due to circumstances beyond our control, or due to temporary disruption in services of the third parties which we engage when performing our obligations.

  • In this case you will not be able to pay with the Paysera Visa card in places where old card readers where card operations are confirmed not with a PIN code, but with a signature are used.
  • Also due to restrictions of the card issuer, it is not possible to pay with a Paysera Visa card in automatic gas stations (when the payment is made before filling up the tank). This possibility is only in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Please note that in all other gas stations where the payment is made only after filling up the tank, the payment with a Paysera Visa card can be successfully made.