Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera Visa card
9.06. When ordering an additional card, only the name and the first letter of the surname are displayed. Why?

In the second step of ordering an additional Paysera Visa payment card, you will be asked to select the Cardholder. Having entered the email address or the phone number registered in the system, you will be shown the name and the first letter of the surname of the person for whom the card is being ordered. Such system functionality ensures personal data security.

After clicking on Order in the next step, the person’s full name and surname to appear on the Paysera Visa payment card will be displayed.

Please note that an additional card may be ordered only for another person (at least 14 years old). The person for whom the card is to be ordered must open a Paysera account and undergo identification. All cardholders will dispose of the funds on one account. They will also be able to withdraw cash or make payments when buying online or at physical points of sale.