Knowledgebase: 9. Visa payment card
9.03. How to order a Visa payment card?

To order a Visa payment card, please log in to your Paysera account. Select Accounts and Cards > Payment Cards in the left menu and order a card.

To order a card, you must have sufficient funds on your Paysera account to cover the fees of card issue, delivery, and administration for one month. If the balance on your Paysera account is insufficient, you will not be able to order a card. Card order and other fees can be found here. Before ordering a card, we recommend reading the card terms and conditions which are available here.

A new account is created for your Visa payment card so you can keep money for payments with the card.

The card will be delivered to your indicated address. The delivery time depends on the selected method and country of delivery. After ordering a card, you will see a preliminary date of its delivery in your account. 


How to order a Visa card on the account:

How to order a VISA card in the Paysera app: