Knowledgebase: 9. Paysera VISA card
9.01. Paysera VISA card

Paysera VISA card is an ordinary smart VISA card with a PIN code, which can be replenished by money via a Paysera account and used to settle at points of sale and e-shops around the world where VISA cards are accepted.

You can also cash out at all ATMs accepting VISA cards with a Paysera VISA card.

You can settle a Paysera VISA card at 32 million points of sale around the world.

You can order a Paysera VISA card from the age of 16. An additional card can be ordered for another person (e.g. a child), who reached the age of 13, from an adult’s account. The name and surname of the person using the card will be indicated on the card. Such person must have a Paysera account and be an identified user.