16.26. How can I place the Trust Badge in the CMS plugin provided by you?

In the free CMS, the Trust Badge must be placed in accordance with the instructions provided below.

  • Avactis: avactis-themes/[used theme]/pages/templates/page.template.tpl.html [template].

  • CMS MS: in the table "templates" you have to edit the template_content column, where template_name = is the name of the active theme.

  • CRE Loaded: templates/[used theme]/main_page.tp.php [template].

  • CS-Cart: skins/[used theme]/customer/index.tpl [template].

  • CubeCart: skins/[used theme]/templates/main.php [file].

  • Drupal: in template modules/system/html.tpl.php.

  • Joomla: templates/[used theme]/index.php [file]. After uploading the Trust Badge code, you have to clear the cache: Admin area > Tools > Clean Cache.

  • Magento: app/design/frontend/default/[used theme]/template/page/ in all files, where </body> is the tag. The cache has to be updated afterwards.

  • Opencart: catalog/view/theme/[used theme]/template/common/footer.tpl [template].

  • OsCommerce: in the file osCommerce/OM/Core/Site/Shop/templates/oscom.php.

  • Oxid: out/[used theme]/tpl/layout/base.tpl [template].

  • PrestaShop: themes/[used theme]/footer.tpl [template]. After uploading the Trust Badge code, you have to clear the cache in the following catalogues: "tools/smarty/cache"; "tools/smarty/compile"; "tools/smarty_v2/cache"; "tools/smarty_2/compile".

  • WHMCS: in template templates/portal/footer.tpl and clear the cache in the "templates_c" catalogue.

  • Wordpress: wp-content/themes/[used theme]/footer.php [file].

  • ZenCart: includes/templates/[used theme]/common/tpl_main_page.php [file].