6.02. How can another person transfer money to my account?
  1. Another person who uses Paysera can perform a direct transfer from their Paysera account to your Paysera account. Specify your internal account EVP********** , Paysera IBAN account number, email address or phone number to the sender. Money will instantly arrive to your account.
  2. If another person performs payment in EUR currency, you may simply specify your IBAN account number to the sender which is available in the section Accounts and Cards > Account Overview. Paysera is a member of such systems as SEPA, SEPA Instant or Target2 which allows receiving payments to your IBAN account from all over the world. 
  3. All other methods of your account top-up are available after generating instructions on your Paysera account, in the section Accounts and Cards > Account Top-Up. For more information, please read here.