6.01. Adding funds

Log in to your account, select ACCOUNT INFORMATION > Add funds and choose:

  • the account you want to replenish;

  • the country which the replenishment is going to be performed from;

  • the currency of the replenishment.

Click on Update instructions, then choose the bank and click on Get instructions. The instructions with all the details required for the account replenishment will be generated. You can print out the instructions or save them in PDF.


Automated one-time replenishment is available in EUR currency from Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian banks only.

In section Automated one-time account replenishment, choose the bank which will be used to replenish your Paysera account, indicate the amount and click on Show replenishment instructions.

In the opened window, enter your bank login data and confirm the replenishment.

Account replenishment times are given by each of the account replenishment means.


Replenishment by cash is available in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. All the cash-in places and terms are available here.