Knowledgebase: 2. Business account
2.08. The head of the company has changed. What do we do?

The new head of the company has to register in the Paysera system. After registering and completing the identification procedure, the head has to click on the cogwheel icon at the upper-right corner and select Corporate account. After he/she enters the company code, the company will be assigned to him/her and the rights of the previous manager will be cancelled.

In case the process of assigning the corporate account to the new head fails (the data on the head of the company may be not updated), please send us an extended statement from the Center of Registers to our Client Service Department with the data of the company and the new head of the company. We will remove the access rights of the previous manager and provide them for the new one.

You can submit documents in your account: select the cogwheel in the upper menu and click on My documents.