Knowledgebase: 20. Cumulative account
20.04. What are the possible incorporation documents?

Possible incorporation documents are the following:

  • Incorporation act, when there is only one founder;
  • Memorandum of association, when there is more than one founder;
  • Power of attorney – if the application for account opening is submitted not by the founders themselves, but by their representative, or the founder is not specified in the incorporation act/memorandum of association. In this case, the power of attorney must be signed with an e-signature;
  • Articles of association. This document specifies the company's business objectives, authorised capital, number of shares and rights conferred, governing bodies, etc.;
  • Minutes of the founding shareholders' meeting, where the members of the management (board or manager) are approved and the articles of association are adopted. No minutes need to be drawn up in cases where the members of the company’s governing bodies are specified in the memorandum of association (incorporation act);
  • An extract from the Registry Office (this document is submitted for the opening of companies in Sweden).