13.1.09 How to enable payment initiation service (PIS) payments for one or several banks?

The merchant themselves may choose the method for accepting payments from different banks.

How to enable the PIS payment method?

  • Log in to your Paysera account.
  • From the left menu select: Projects and Activities > My Projects > Project settings > Payment collection service settings.
  • Select a country at Payment methods you would like to accept.
  • Available banks and possible methods of payment collection will be shown.
  • At the bank select Use the payment initiation service.
  • Save the changes.

Additional settings available to the client:

  • Immediate activation of new payment methods. New banks for receiving payments will be immediately activated and available to our clients. 
  • Crediting of the payment initiation service payments only after receiving a bank’s statement. Payments will be credited only after receiving a bank’s confirmation statement.
  • Prevent payments according to payment instructions in the payment initiation service and Bank Link.
  • The payer must provide a national identification number when using the payment initiation service for collection of payments.