13.1.05 What are the benefits of the PIS payment method for the merchant?
  • This payment collection method is becoming more popular and may be used in different countries since Paysera has integrated almost 100 different banks and payment institutions. The number of banks is constantly growing. 
  • When collecting payments by PIS, the merchant pays a commission fee which depends only on a number of transactions or turnovers, i.e. no additional bank or system fee is applied. 
  • Once a buyer makes a payment and the money reaches Paysera, the payment is immediately credited to the merchant’s account. Usually the crediting time lasts 3–5 minutes in some cases depending on a specific bank or country up to 1 business day. 
  • Simple and fast return of funds to the buyer. 
  • Flexible selection of payment methods, i.e. often the merchant themselves decide on the operation of the PIS payment. 
  • In case of service disruptions on the side of the bank, it is possible to temporarily switch the payment method to Bank Link (for specific banks that are activated in your project) or use payment instructions. Since Paysera has different payment alternatives, it is not necessary to completely switch off the possibility to pay via a specific bank which sometimes happens with other payment initiation service providers.
  • The service is constantly improved and will be faster and more convenient in the future to both the merchant and the buyer.