13.1.04 Is it safe to pay by PIS?
  • The PIS service can be provided only by licensed payment service providers (the list of Lithuanian providers is available here) which must ensure the security of payments and confidentiality of payers’ details.
  • Paysera does not store any payer’s details related with personalised security data in information technologies systems and servers used. 
  • Personalised login details are used only during a single session throughout which they are encrypted and can be neither visible, nor restored, nor used. Therefore the payer when submitting a request to initiate a payment order must verify their identity each time to the bank managing their accounts. 
  • Data provided by the payer when executing a payment and transferred to the payer’s bank only through a secure channel which is protected with the SSL certificate. Thus, the payer’s login details to the internet banking and confirmation of payment orders and codes of account information requests (authorisation) remain safe and cannot be taken over by third persons.
  • More information about the highest security of Paysera is available here.