13.1.03 How does this payment method work?

An e-shop client wishing to make a payment is redirected to the payment window where they login to their internet banking by entering login details. Login is done via the Paysera system. 

1. Bank selection 

In order to pay for goods or services, an e-shop client selects a bank through which they want to make a payment.

2. Login to the bank and consent to access rights

In the payment window that opens, the client must enter their login details and log in to the bank. 

3. Confirmation of payment

Having checked if the information about the initiated payment has been entered correctly, the buyer confirms it. The buyer is notified about a successful payment by a message in the payment window and is automatically redirected back to the e-shop.


A standard payment process via Paysera Checkout is available here.

You can also try the payment procedure in the demo version.