Wordpress delivery



WordPress 4.x & higher
WooCommerce 3.x & later
Release: 2023-07-06


Additional information:

Test mode:

To enable the test mode in the Plugin, you need to log in to Wordpress administration page -> Paysera -> "Delivery" -> "Main settings" -> Set "Test mode" value to "Enabled" -> "Save changes".

Keep in mind that allowing the user to see how it will appear on the checkout page, and if the user proceeds with payment + delivery, the delivery will not be created because it is in test mode. It will not create any deliveries, so the delivery will not be displayed at all.


Please place the Paysera logo in a prominent place on your website, such as the footer. The Paysera logo can be downloaded in various formats from HERE.

 woocomerce configuration for delivery plugin.pdf (1.27 MB)
 wordpress-4.x-5.x-woocommerce-3.x-paysera.1.6-2023-06-22.zip (1.74 MB)
 wordpress-4.x-5.x-woocommerce-3.x-paysera.1.6-2023-12-13.zip (1.74 MB)