Knowledgebase: 20. Escrow account
20.04. How does the Escrow account service work?

1. The buyer (payer), the seller, and the agent (escrow service provider Paysera) sign a trilateral agreement. The following must be individually defined in the agreement:

  • the period during which the buyer (payer) must transfer the funds to the escrow account, and the seller must transfer the asset;
  • other conditions under which the funds are paid to the seller or returned to the buyer.

2. The buyer transfers funds to the Paysera escrow account. The fee for the service is paid as follows:

  • if the service fee according to the agreement is paid by the buyer: they transfer the price of the asset (the escrow amount) and the amount of the fee to the escrow account;
  • if the service fee according to the agreement is paid by the seller: the buyer transfers only the price of the asset indicated in the agreement, Paysera deducts the service fee amount from this amount. If the transaction fails due to the seller’s fault, all funds are returned to the buyer, and the seller is obligated to pay the service fee by a separate payment, which the seller must perform within 5 days from returning the payment to the buyer. For each day of delay, a penalty of 0.05% is calculated;
  • if according to the agreement the service fee is paid by both  the buyer and the seller: the buyer transfers the price of the asset indicated in the agreement and a part of the fee for the service, and Paysera deducts the service fee amount from this amount which must be paid by the seller.

3. During the provision of the service, the Paysera escrow account is visible to the parties of the agreement.

4. The seller transfers the asset to the buyer (to the third party — agent, courier, representative, if that was agreed upon in the Agreement) and provides supporting documents, for example, a tracking number.

5. Paysera checks the submitted documents, processes them, and sends a confirmation email to the parties.

6. The buyer sends an email confirming that they have received and accept the asset delivered and that they have no claims. (Important: claims that are made after transferring the asset are the subject of mutual proceedings between the buyer and the seller and Paysera does not participate in such claims proceedings).

7. Paysera notifies the seller about the buyer’s confirmation by email and sends the buyer’s confirmation to the seller.

8. Paysera transfers the funds to the seller or returns the funds to the buyer in cases provided for in the agreement. 

9. The escrow account is closed.