Knowledgebase: 3. Account settings
3.02 I haven't received the additional login confirmation code per SMS

If you have not received an additional login confirmation code per SMS, before requesting another SMS, please take the following actions:

1. restart your phone;

2. try sending a login confirmation code from a different mobile device, if you can;

3. make sure your phone is not in the roaming mode, as being in the roaming mode might prevent you from receiving SMS messages;

4. if you use a prepaid SIM card, make sure the validity period of your account is not over. In some countries, having not enough money on a card account might block the reception of SMS messages.


If after performing the mentioned actions and repeating the actions to receive a code, you are still unable to receive the code to your phone, please contact us and provide answers to these questions:

1. Are you experiencing any mobile connection problems currently?

2. Are you able to receive other SMS messages?

After receiving the information, we will search for causes of the malfunction and provide you with answers.