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Magento LOGO


Magento 2.2 & higher
Release: 2019-04-01
Version of specification: 1.6

Magento 2.0
Release: 2016-09-07
Version of specification: 1.6

Magento 1.9
Note: Magento 1.x reaches end-of-support on June 30, 2020. We strongly advise using up to date system.
Release: 2019-12-23
Version of specification: 1.6


Additional information:

* Please place the Paysera logo in a prominent place of your website, such as the footer. The logo can be downloaded from the list below.

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 magento-2.x-paysera-1.6-2020-09-08.zip (29.90 KB)
 magento-2-paysera-1.6-2017-09-26 .zip (27.96 KB)
 magento-1.9-paysera-1.6-2019-12-23.zip (26.16 KB)
 paysera.jpg (104.21 KB)
 paysera.png (18.22 KB)